Victoria Miniatures Ukraine Fundraiser Update April 9th 2022
$6000 USD Donated so far.

Greetings all,
A quick charity update today. It was my great pleasure donate our third $2,000 USD contribution.  This makes a total of $6,000 USD so far ($ 8,010.53 AUD). Thank you all, I am so thrilled your amazing support has made this possible.
I have some pictures from Trenchworx of the first wave of resin casts on their way out the door. Thank you for you patience. I'm looking forward to seeing some of these painted. Please keep sharing and spreading the word.
I have attached the latest receipt from UNICEF.

Take care everyone, V


Victoria Miniatures Ukraine Fundraiser Update March 30th 2022
$4000 USD Donated so far.

Hi Folks,
Time for another charity update. Thanks to your amazing participation another $2000 USD donation was made today. This make a total of $4000 USD so far ($5327.99 AUD)
A special thanks to the people at AdeptiCon who came onboard. Please keep spreading the word, every little bit helps. I expect to provide another update in about a week. I have attached the receipt from UNICEF.

My heart goes out to our hobby friends in Europe affected by this these ongoing awful events.
Take care, V


Victoria Miniatures Ukraine Fundraiser Update March 24 2022
$2000 USD Donated!

$2000 USD donation made today! Thank you so much everyone for the amazing support.
This morning I have the great privilege of contributing $2000 USD ($2667.82 AUD) to the UNICEF Ukraine Emergency Appeal on behalf of this fantastic hobby community. I look forward to providing more updates in the coming days. I have attached the receipt from UNICEF.
Best, V


Victoria Miniatures Ukraine Fundraiser Update March 22 2022

Thank you all for the huge response less than 24 hours after launch. I will go into more detail in another update. I just want to jump in here quickly and provide a couple of downloadable fliers (color and black & white). Keep an eye out for these displayed at AdeptiCon.
Also if you have a Games Store, Club or other space that would be appropriate to display please do so.
Cheers, V

Ukraine Fundraiser Color Flyer US Letter size: PDF file here.

Ukraine Fundraiser Black and White Flyer US Letter size: PDF File here.

Victoria Miniatures Ukraine Fundraiser Launch March 21 2022



Like people all over the World, I have been distressed and heartbroken by the terrible events unfolding in Ukraine and the suffering playing out daily on our screens.  I am seeking to raise funds for the UNICEF Ukraine Emergency Appeal.

Many of you will remember the Victoria Miniatures Australian Bushfire fundraiser from 1999, which I set up in response to the horrors unfolding on my doorstep.  The incredible efforts made by Vic Minis supporters all over the World, resulted in $30,000 AUD being donated to the Australia RSPCA, to help wildlife, pets and livestock impacted by the fires.

I am calling again on this wonderful Hobby community.  I am offering an Exclusive Miniature  ‘Kateryna and Sergiy’, Sculpted by Patrick Keith. They are available as a .STL download, and as a fine resin kit, cast by our friends at Trenchworx.  I would be thrilled if you could participate in any way you can. This may be by purchasing the Miniature, making your own charity donation, or simply by helping spread the word.

Thank you,
Victoria Lamb.

Direct Charity Link:




Why did you choose the Kateryna and Sergiy miniature?

This piece was commissioned a few months ago, and was intended to be part of our Free Mini of the Month collection. However recent events and the need for expediency has seen Kateryna and Sergiy quickly re-deployed. With a little deft reworking by Patrick Keith, I believe they make the ideal duo for this cause. For me, they reflect something of the courage and humanity of the Ukrainian people.

Can I contribute some other way?

Sure, if you want to contribute directly visit the UNICEF website.

Will Victoria Miniatures profit from this?

No. Profit is not our intention. We have chosen to donate 80% of gross sales. The Remaining 20% will help cover our costs, including admin, manufacture and Paypal fees among other expenses.

How long will the fundraiser last?

At this time, I do not have an end date in mind. As long as the miniature continues selling I will keep it going. I will post advance notification if I intend to wrap it up.

Do I have to pay shipping?

Our usual shipping charges apply to the physical miniature. The .STL download does not incur shipping charges.

How do I know the money has been donated to the UNICEF?

I am committed to transparency. Our record on the Bushfire Fundraiser shows our track record. I will post screenshots and share any correspondence from UNICEF Australia including receipts. Both here and on my social media channels.

When will the money raised be donated?

I want UNICEF to receive the funds as soon as possible, so I intend to do it weekly, depending on sales. I will post screenshots here and on our social media channels.

I have another question.