AdeptiCon 2022 L.E Mini preview

AdeptiCon 2022 L.E Mini preview

2022 AdeptiCon Limited Edition Miniature;
Inquisitor Sister Joan. 

AdeptiCon is back and so is Inquisitor Sister Joan as the show's exclusive Limited Edition Miniature. She's a bit ragged after a tough two years, but she's still standing and more determined than ever!

Thanks to the AdeptiCon organizers, 200 minis have been made available to Victoria Miniatures online customers. This year she is cast by Reaper Miniatures in Bones USA, their made in America tough grey plastic.

The sale will go live at the following times:

 Chicago: Friday March 25 at 4.00 pm (CDT)
 London:  Friday March 25 at 9.00 pm (GMT)
 Sydney:  Saturday March 26 at 8.00 am (AEST)

She is likely to sell quickly, so get in early.