Victoria Miniatures FAQ

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When I order a squad can I ask for bits to be swapped out?
Absolutely. I am always happy to swap bits in a squad. For example, if you want your Hexenheim Stormtroopers to have Pickelhelm heads without Gas masks instead of the ones supplied in the squad pack just ask.
The best way to let me know is to write a message in “special Instructions” box at checkout. If you are unsure about your request, you can always contact me.

Are your conversion bits compatible with “popular sci-fi plastic troops?” 
Yes, I started out actually just making conversion bits for those “popular plastic sci-fi troops” My range of male troops and bits will scale with them and fit them. So will my weapons and war gear.

Can I mix Male and Female Conversion bits?

I don’t recommend it. The Female troops are smaller than their male comrades. For example; Male arms would look too big on a female torso.
However the Weapons and Wargear are the same for Male and Female troops, and can be used on any minis.

What are Victoria Miniatures made from?
They are hand cast in high quality resin.
The only exception is the Sedgehammer BFG, which is hard styrene plastic.

What sort of glue should I use?
I prefer a thick superglue for resin models. Eg; “Loctite Super Glue – Gel Control”.
Model styrene cement should be used for the Sledgehammer BFG

Are they difficult to put together?
Sometimes working with resin can be more difficult than styrene plastic. As a rule of thumb, the more parts to a miniature, the more challenging it can be to assemble. However, it gets easier with practice.
Victoria Miniatures are not toys and are not recommended for children under 12.

What if there is a casting problem with one of my miniatures?
Victoria Miniatures resin models are not mass produced. They are cast by hand in a time consuming process. Most of the time this gives us a very high quality product. It is normal for resin miniatures to occasionally have some flash or fine mold lines, these can be easily sanded off.
However, occasionally a miss cast piece with excessive air bubbles or mismatched mold lines might slip through. If you find a miniature with a quality problem, please contact me for a replacement.

Are you going to make more female squads and bits?
Yes, I am always working on new products for all the ranges.

Is the resin dust dangerous?
The resin is an inert polyurethane. The dust should be treated as you would treat sawdust from wood or any other material and avoid breathing it in if you are sawing, filing or sanding.

I have another question.
Always happy to answer. Email me