Scrappers Bits Bag Sale now on!

Scrappers Bits Bag Sale now on!

Our super popular Scrapper's Reject Bits Bag sale is back.

Each bag contains over 100 Grams of resin product that didn't meet our quality standard. This could mean an air bubble, a detail that did not fill or a little mold slippage, and it goes into the bin.

The bags contain a random assortment of product, and may include weapons, war gear, artillery, guard conversion parts or even complete character miniatures. Each bag is random and unique.

As our cast-off product, obviously these items are not subject to our usual quality guarantee, specifically because these are the products that didn't meet our standard in the first place.

Image shown is sample only, actual contents will vary, every bag is unique.

These will sell very quickly, so get in early.