Victoria Miniatures Bushfire Fundraiser Update Jan 14.

Victoria Miniatures Bushfire Fundraiser Update Jan 14.


Today we hit the amazing mile stone of $10,000 USD, and still rising!

I have spoken with the RSPCA South Australia, they are very excited about what you have all achieved. In the interest of getting the funds to where they are sorely needed ASAP, I have transferred the first instalment of $10,000 AUD, to their Bushfire Fund. Further installments will follow in the coming days.

If you want to see some of the hard work The RSPCA SA is doing on the ground right now, you can check out their Facebook page.

The community support has far exceeded our expectations. It has also stretched our fulfillment capacity. Here in Adelaide, South Australia and together with our US friends at Trench Worx, we are filling orders as quickly as we can. Trench Worx are also bringing some extra casting capacity online to accommodate the demand.

Some orders may be slow to dispatch, but please bear with us. We always make sure our customers get their minis. It may just take a little longer in this case.

Thank you again, to the wonderful Hobby community for your incredible support.