Victoria Miniatures BushfireFundraiser Update Jan 28.

Victoria Miniatures BushfireFundraiser Update Jan 28.

Victoria Miniatures Bushfire Fundraiser Update Jan 28th.

We are nearing the end of our fundraiser, and my goodness, its been an amazing ride. Only 4 days to go!
We will finish it as planned, midnight Friday January 31st PDT (6pm Sat 1st AEDT).
So far, your amazing support has raised over $17,000 USD ($25,000 AUD). Today I transferred another installment of $5000 AUD to the RSPCA South Australia.
The total donations transferred, currently stands at $25,000 AUD.
I am just blown away with the response. Thank you so much, to everyone who has participated, shared or made their own donations. It means more than you know.
We are working hard to dispatch orders as fast as we can, but there will be some delays, as the response has been so huge.

Thank you.


Painting your Kangaroo APC

I have has some inquiries about how our Kangaroo APC was painted. It is the work of the brilliant James Wappel. He has a video on his blog here, that takes you through his Kangaroo painting process in great detail.

Kangaroo APC Painting Competition

The folks from the 1HourANight miniature painting Face Book Group have been very supportive of the fundraiser. They have organized a painting competition for their Kangaroo APC's. Entries close at the end of March, and prizes will be donated by Victoria Miniatures in the form of swag and vouchers. All welcome to enter. You can join the group here.