10 Bare Close Combat Arms Male
10 Sword and Laser Pistol Arms
Arcadian Sgt. Kit (Female)
Arcadian Sgt. Kit (Male)
Bare Grenadier Arms Male
Beast Guard Officer Sprue
BFG Artillery Officer (Resin)
Dress Uniform Arms (Male)
Female Officer Sprue
Fusion Gun Arms (male)
Heavy Weapon Crew Arms (resin)
Male Officer Sprue

Male Officer Sprue

$2.50 USD
Male Standard Bearer Arms x2
Rough Rider Arms x5
Sgt Arms with Machete (male)
Shotgun Arms (resin)
V.E.R.A Gun Arms

V.E.R.A Gun Arms

$1.99 USD
Victorian Arms (resin)
Victorian Officer Arms (male)